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I know a lot or people think this is just a “chick flick” which is a quite insulting description if you ask me because what’s wrong with a film that appeals mainly to women it’s just like action adventure films are mainly aimed at men and there pretty brainless a lot of them I mean the films not the guys although I suppose they can be dumb too.

Bridget Jones is this 30-something English girl whose just doing what we all trying to do get along in the world and be successful and happy she’s played by Renee Zellweger who does a fantastic job with the English accent you would never think she was a yank. She is also good looking but not too glamorous and perfect which is important cos most of us like to think we’re okay looking but we know we’re not supermodel material. In real life Renee didn’t like her appearance much it seems because last year she had a facelift and now she looks completely different she had a bit of a squinty eyed look and I guess she didn’t like that but most people I know thought she looked fine so it just goes to show.

Bridget works for a book publisher in London and  her boss is Hugh Grant well he’s Daniel but he’s played by Hugh Grant who is just being himself as usual charming and funny and sexy and Bridget fancies him like mad but he’s the kind of guy that’s never really going to go for someone ordinary like her and he’ll always be cheating on his woman anyway whoever she is.

But there’s this other guy played by Colin Firth Mr Darcy from the TV Pride and Prejudice and he’s called Darcy in the film I suppose that’s an in-joke or something. Mark Darcy. He’s Colin Firth being himself too he’s as good looking as Hugh Grant he just seems more serious and not so much fun I suppose that all depends on what your looking for if you like a guy who can talk serious about things rather than thinking the only fun is when he’s trying to get you in bed then he’s more your type.

Mark is really more the kind of guy you’d pick for Bridget because even though he is a bit uncool sometimes so is she I suppose that is all the film is about there’s no big plot and no drama it’s just you sitting there hoping she’s going to come out ahead. Me I would probably bonk the smooth one and dump him and try to make sure no one finds out and then get with the nice guy and live happily ever  after but I don’t know if it is ever that simple is it.

They tried to cash in on this film with a sequel Edge of Reason but  of course it wasn’t as good. They try to make out there doing you a favour with sequels because there giving you more of what they know you like but really they are thinking if you forked out for the first one you might fork out for a second helping but it don’t work like that do it? Were not stupid.





Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s klasic films: Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire

I really like him that Tom Cruise. He makes my knees go trembly. And he’s only short while I’m quite tall for a girl so a knee-trembler might suit him. Sorry what am I like?

It’s quite a complercated story mind based on some sort of sport that they call football only it’s not because they don’t kick the ball along the ground and Wayne Rooney’s not in it.

It’s got that Renee Zellweger in it too you know the one that had a facelift and doesn’t look like herself no more. It just goes to show don’t it? What was the serjin thinking? He must of been drunk.

I’d never go to an alkerholic plastic serjin myself personally. And anyway why bother it’s only superfishal and if her bf really loved her he wouldn’t care and wouldn’t of made her do it. U don’t look at the manterlpeace when ur stoking the fire my dad said and he should know he’s been married three times. I don’t understand the expreshun mind cos it’s before my time I’m an 80s girl.

Jerry Maguire come out when I was a teenager and I seen it once down the cinema remember them big barns and it’s all dark inside. Sitting there with a bag of cheesy Wotsits and Kelvin’s hand down me drawers. No wonder I liked the film eh?

Ah those were the days. I’m a romantic that’s why I loved the film and she says You had me at hello which wasn’t true he had her earlier in the film and he never touched her at that point there was other people in the room.

I’d never do it with other people there it’s creepy but maybe if it was Tom Cruise and it was some of his mates and my mates and we’d been on the razz then I might of forgot I was a lady and that.