Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Hope Springs

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

There are two films called Hope Springs one from 2003 and another completely different in 2012 and this is about the first one it stars Colin Firth and Minnie Driver. So make sure your watching the right one because the other one is okay but this one is more than okay.

Colin plays an artist from the UK who goes to the US Hope Springs a town in Vermont because hes split up with his girlfriend Vera and hes very upset. He checks into this small hotel type thing run by an interesting couple Joanie (Mary Steenburgen) looking older woman sexy and her strange husband. They notice that this English guy isn’t himself funny expression aren’t it and how would they know they only just met the guy but they didn’t say it just me.

Anyways Joanie gets her friend Mandy (Heather Graham)  to come and see him she’s some kind of therapist but really she’s a sort of hippie new age bit of a loon depending on how you look at it. Likes jumping up and down naked to feel liberated or something you no the type or maybe you don’t my cousins like that people think she’s a slapper but she thinks shes a free spirit.

Mandy couldn’t be more different from Colin that’s his name in the film too he’s a typical Colin Firth guy quiet shy repressed. Mandy works at an old people’s home called Shining Shores and she and Colin get it on a bit and have one of those relationships that is fun but you know its not going to go nowhere but if you don’t push it it passes the time.

Then Vera turns up. That’s Minnie Driver and its one of the funniest performances I’ve ever seen. Just watch the bit in the middle where Vera’s driving past the old folks’ home and finds Mandy pushing an old lady in a wheelchair. It won’t sound funny if I write the dialogue (that’s the words they say technical term like) but she’s so bitchy it cracks me up and I keep having to watch it over and over again. She’s a spoilt, ultra well educated snob who thinks Mandy is beneath her and Colin she don’t really want Colin but she don’t want Mandy to have him either.

Bitching on the golf course: posh girl Minnie Driver bends Colin Firth’s ear

Okay try this bit: she looks at the sign for the home which says Shining Shores in swirly writing and pretends to misread it, she goes “Whining Whores”. I tell you it kills me I don’t need the rest of the film just that scene although there are plenty more good ones.

This film is based on a novel by the same man who wrote the novel The Graduate (so he must be knocking on a bit) and he does keep the plot rolling especially towards the end but of course I’m not going to tell you what happens. Colin Firth couldn’t be funny if he fell off a tall building wearing a santa hat but it don’t matter somehow. Like I say the Minnie Driver scenes in the middle are worth the price of admission on their own.


Kaycee’s Klasic Films – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

This is a classic example of how people should be careful what they call a film. The title is corny not as clever as it is supposed to be and tells you nothing about what you can expect when you watch it. I know it don’t pay to look too deep into this sort of thing because you’ll find something that contrer-dicks what your saying but really I steered clear of this film for years no decades because it just sounded so stupid.

And then I was desperate one night looking for something on Netflix that I hadn’t seen already and this is Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di Caprio and I’ve seen the directors name Lasse Hallstrom even if he sounds Swedish or something and I don’t want to watch nothing in a foreign language but he’s been around for a bit . Turns out he directed a lot of Abba videos so he’s not that interlechal after all. The foreign ones always sound clever and mysterious just because of their names I reckon. Anyways so I thought why not lets give it a go??

And it turns out its really good like I don’t know whose best Leo or Johnny there both brilliant Johnny is  Gilbert the oldest son of this family the Dad’s dead and the Mum is about 20 stone and never leaves the house. Small American town where nothing happens and you know what happens when nothing happens if you see what I mean. Gilbert works at a grocery store and he’s just an ordinary man but he’s Johnny Depp so obviously hes gorgeous Hes having it off with an older woman Mary Steenburgen but he spends most of his time looking after the family cos his mum can’t and Arnie that’s  Leo is what used to be known as mentally retarded I don’t know what they call it now something that don’t say nothing. But hes a happy sweet teenage kid and Leo does him so you really like him and he don’t overdo it so the boys an idiot and you don’t laugh at him or nothing. He likes climbing the water tower which is like really high and dangerous and it scares everyone when he does it and Johnny has to go and get him down.

A girl Becky comes into town with her grandma you know straight a way she’s the love interest for Johnny and she is which adds something your grateful for in this case because it could be a bit grim other wise.

What happens well its not the kind of movie where lots of stuff happens and your racking your brains to follow it well I am usually so all I’m going to say is that its well worth watching an you’ll be surprised how good Leo is. Somebody must of thought he was gonna be a star when he was very young and this part shows you straight a way that he was a great actor.