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Gregorys Girl

This is a film I saw when I was very young and you know how some things just stick with you well this one has I’ve watched it loads of times. Its set in Scotland and its about this teenage boy Gregory who hasn’t got a girlfriend but wants one.

The first thing your going to notice here is that most of my favourites have attractive people in them but this one dosen’t as good as John Gordon Sinclair is as an actor not even his Mum would say he’s sexy and nor are his friends. There’s one or two of the male teachers but you don’t see much of them and even the girls apart from Clare Grogan (who was a pop star too ‘Altered Images’) are nothing to write home about.

Anyways Gregory is in the school football team but he’s not very good and the teacher is looking for new players but then what a shocker a girl asks if she can do it but he says no. There not used to girls playing football and even though she’s like a good player this idiot tries to stop her because of things like changing rooms and showers. So Gregory fancies her it’s an actress called Dee Hepburn with a flicked back hair style like I used to want when I was about five.

Eventually he asks her out and he’s supposed to meet her on Saturday night but she dosen’t turn up she sends another girl and Gregory thinks maybe that one fancies him but she lets him buy her a bag of chips then passes him on to Clare Grogan. This is a much better idea for him I reckon but he can hardly believe it anyway she persuades him she’s not kidding and they go to the country park and lie under a tree but all their doing is talking and making jokes it’s a comedy did I say that.

You also get Gregory’s little sister Madeleine whose only like nine but is much wiser than him and gives him advice about women’s things she’s quite cute actually not the sort of stage school overacting brats you want to slap.

What I really like about the film is the atmosphere it’s quiet and it looks like a boring little town where nothing happens people just mow there lawns and go to school. You wouldn’t think that was a good thing I like a bit of action myself but not all the time and at least it looks safe not like the world is now you know what I mean.

The music is mainly bass guitar which is a unusual but very effective in a lonely sounding way I wonder if bass guitarists are lonely they don’t get the attention the posers get.

As I said before I was very young when I first saw this but its not a kids film really I like it just as much now as I did then and if you haven’t seen it you really want to because you’ll like it.