Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Donnie Darko

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This film deserves to be more popular than it is but in my humble opinion it has an image problem. If you look at the Wikipedia entry they call it a science fiction film but its not really it has a bit of pseudo sci-fi about it but it’s a comedy that takes the mickey out of horror films and sci-fi films if you ask me.

Secondly the main character Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal) is always referred to as “troubled” and you get the feeling he’s one of these spooky, scary kids who causes havoc but really he’s not. He’s a nice kid meets a nice girl and just happens to find weird things happening. The name doesn’t help either if he was Donnie Smith it would give a different impression.

Donnie is seeing a psychiatrist played by Katherine Ross looking like she’s spent too much time in the sun and she does the part pretty good.

Thirdly people talk about this giant rabbit that tells Donnie to do things which again makes him sound like a psycho and although there is a large rabbit type thing involved it is not made to look realistic or scary. That’s because this is a comedy like I said.

It also has similarities to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the way the acting is done particularly Donnie’s parents who are cool and don’t freak out about things like they might in other films. Jake’s sister Maggie Gyllenhaal plays his sister here and she’s good but kind of in second gear all the time because it’s not a big part. She’s quite sexy though I like her she’s done some good stuff and she was good here even as young as she was and her brother too she looked more like him in those days.

Seth Rogen is in it as one of the school bullies he’s a strange guy Seth I think he manages to be amusing but not funny funny whatever he does.

I suppose part of the Ferris thing is it’s set in a school and some of the teachers are funny and there’s pompous people for you to dislike especially this kind of goody goody played by Patrick Swayze who turns out to be into child pornography but again that’s not actually what the film is about.

Drew Barrymore is one of the teachers but she’s a good one I wouldn’t have thought she was old enough but time flies she’s not too bad in this not one of my faves usually.

“Weird? me?” Yes you, Donnie. It says so in my contract.

Like Ferris the soundtrack is full of British music Tears for Fears and Echo and the Bunnymen it seems American kids thought that sort of stuff was cooler than their own country was producing at the time well this was in 2001 so I don’t know really they use the strange slower version of Mad World not the TfF one.

It was supposed to be set in 1988 which is Bueller era I don’t know why they didn’t want it to be contemprey or whatever

The main sci-fi bit is people keep having these clear plastic things growing out of their chest like elongated bubbles and you get the Rabbit talking and giving the date and time of the end of the world but although the captions do a countdown of that its not scary or tense or nothing really. Just a device as they say and it has no baring on what happens I don’t reckon.

So just watch it as a fun film it’s well done well acted and all that stuff you only notice in a film when its not there the quality I mean.





Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Nightcrawler

That's right, hawkeye, it's badly written, spelled and punctuated. It's how a lot of people write these days. And it's a spoof.


Is this what you’d call a classic well it depends how you define classic doesn’t it. If it has to be old then no it’s not (2014) but if what matters is if it’s brilliant then this is. It got an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay and I reckon Jake Gyllenhaal should of been up for Best Actor he plays a thief whose desperate to get a proper job and he sees a guy with a camera filming a road accident to sell to a TV station and he decides to do the same.

He’s an enterprising guy and he quickly builds the business up but he breaks all the rules gets in too close so he upsets the emergency services and drives too fast and terrifies his new assistant but he gets such good stuff close-ups of blood and gore and things that he strikes up a good relationship with his contact at an unsuccessful TV station.

Nina (Rene Russo) that is she’s a lot older than him but he fancies her like mad and when she eventually agrees to go out to dinner with him he threatens to take his news stuff somewhere else unless she sleeps with him but she wants to keep the relationship strictly business. I would too Jake does a great job showing us he’s a potential psycho he’s great at what he does but you wouldn’t want to get too close to him you never know what he might do.

He’s got this police scanner he listens to to find out what’s going on and sometimes he arrives at the scene before the cops do. One day he does that at a rich man’s house where there are two guys shooting people and Jake films everything after the killers leave he’s in there with his camera dead bodies and blood everywhere and of course Nina loves it but the cops show up demanding the footage but she says no she’s got her rights.

I won’t tell you what happens in the end because you’ll probably want to see it if you haven’t already but he gets more involved in the case he’s very smart and sets it up so he’s there when the big shoot out happens. It’s very clever that’s why it was nominated for the screenplay award and like I say Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant if you met him in real life you’d be scared he was really like that.

Unusually there is no nookie at all not even any snogging although he wants to but Nina doesn’t but you get used to that these days don’t you there’s sex everywhere and it’s only because the film is so brilliant that you don’t really miss it I don’t know why I brought it up really just saying that’s all.

Ten out of ten and if you want something really gripping this is one for you I’m not a great one for action and suspense but this is exeptionall.