Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Taxi Driver

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If I was thinking up an idea for a film, I would want it to have a snappy title. After all that is what your potential customers see or hear first and if it dosen’t sound interesting you’ve got to have a second go at getting their attention. Imagine you’re a schoolteacher and you’ve told the kids to come up with a film you’d be going “yes Jordan very nice but you can’t just call it that cos it doesn’t sound exciting enough.”

That didn’t seem to bother Martin Scorsese or the writer Paul Schrader with Taxi Driver and it didn’t do the film any harm either although I suppose we will never know really will we.

It stars Robert de Niro when he was quite young and its funny he doesn’t look right as a young  man its like he was born to be middle aged he’s got that quirky look and was never the heartthrob type but maybe that is a good thing because his character Travis Bickle is strange with a capital STR. He’s  a Vietnam veteran used to be in the Marines and he can’t sleep maybe traumatized or something anyway so he wants a job he can do all night and when he goes for the interview he gets it mainly because the boss was in the Marines too and he says he’s not scared he will go anywhere any time. New York was pretty rough at that time and I guess there were some drivers that refused to go to some areas.

Anyways the job suits him and he’s doing well at it but he’s still lonely and he meets this girl Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) who is part of the campaign team for a politician she’s much more whats the word sophisticated than him but he don’t care or maybe see it he takes her to see a movie but its at a dirty little cinema where he’s used to going and it’s a dirty film and she freaks out and leaves and that looks like the end of it but he don’t give up he takes her for a coffee and a piece of pie and he gives her a Kris Kristofferson record but she’s got it already he’s trying his best but its never going to work even in a film.

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Then the violence comes to the surface maybe repressed from his army days or whatever but he is disgusted by the way the city is and the drugs and prostitution so he buys a load of guns and makes this sort of sliding thing up his sleeve so he can keep a pistol up there and whip it out and surprise people. He wants to kill Senator Palantine the guy Betsy’s working for. First he walks into a store where a robbery is going on and he shoots the robber and you wonder if he’s going to be a good bad boy but he gets weirder and weirder and gets his hair shaved down the sides into a Mohican or Mohawk  whatever you call it bad idea cos now he looks like a troublemaker.

The Secret Service guys suspect he’s up to no good and chase him but he gets away.

He has met this teenage prostitute Iris played by Jodi Foster and he don’t want to do nothing with her he wants to stop her doing what she’s doing her pimp is Harvey Keitel whose always brilliant I reckon. But Travis goes and finds the pimp and there is a big gunfight everybody gets shot including Travis but he survives. There’s a kind of happy ending because Iris goes home to live a normal life but we don’t know what’s gonna happen to Travis and they leave it that way you couldn’t have this sort of film ending up all neat and tidy.



Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Thelma and Louise

That's right, hawkeye, it's badly written, spelled and punctuated. It's how a lot of people write these days. And it's a spoof.



You know what I think this just might be my favourite film like ever I’ve watched it dozens of times and every time I enjoy it as much as the first. The only difference is that these days I think of myself more as the Susan Sarandon (Louise) character when in the old days I fancied myself as Thelma (Geena Davis).

See Thelma’s young and reckless and sexy Geena Davis was pretty new then and she had this mouth that looked like whoever had put her together just whacked the first one he could find on her and it made her look wild and mouthy (sorry) but it was Friday afternoon so they wasn’t going to take it off and do it again. I mean she was gorgeous and everything but she had a crazy look she don’t look like that now she was better when she was young but Susan Sarandon was never an out and out babe she always had something more mature and thoughtful about her. And I would like to think that’s how I’m going.

Anyways, when this came out I loved the fact that Thelma was what I think they call a loose cannon she was young but married to this very straight bossy guy and Louise was with Michael Madsen whose always playing a bit of a hothead. The girls go away for the weekend just to escape their boring lives but it turns out a bit more than they expected. Within ten minutes or something Thelma has been picked up by a guy in a bar and he tries to rape her in the car park and Louise ends up shooting him (dead).

That’s the nice weekend out the window and they kind of go on the run. Louise asks Madsen to wire her her life’s savings but he drives out there with it in person. Meanwhile Thelma has met a sexy thief Brad Pitt and she has sex with him well who wouldn’t and she’s so excited she goes to see Louise in the restaurant and leaves Brad in bed and he steals the money and disappears. He had already told her he’s a robber and described how he holds up stores and stuff.

So off they go again and Thelma feels so bad about losing the money so she stops at a store and robs it just like Brad said he did it. So their in more trouble but at least they’ve got some dough again.

Well, Brad, the answer is yes. What is the question?

Back at home the cops are involved and one of them is Harvey Keitel who I love he’s always good and in this one he’s very likeable. He asks Thelma’s husband if they are close and he says “As close as you can get to a lunatic” and they tap his phone and say if she calls he has to be very natural but he don’t he goes “Hello!” loud and bright like he never would normally and she knows he knows.

Later on there’s this great scene in some wide rocky landscape in New Mexico and a cop pulls them over for speeding but they trick him and pull guns and put him in the boot (trunk if you like) its really funny.

When Harvey the cop talks to Louise on the phone you can tell he really likes her its that sort of unexpected stuff that makes a good film for me. Not gonna tell you how it ends for obivous reasons it’s a real enjoyable film and it ain’t just for girls I know guys that love it too it just makes a change to have two broads starring in that type of thing.