Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Ghostbusters

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This always reminds me of Christmas I guess it was that time of year the first time I saw it it’s not really a Christmassy story though just good fun. I think a lot of the film’s success was down to having so many good funny people in it Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd (funny way he spells his name) and Rick Moranis plus Sigourney Weaver whose not really funny but keeps her end up you could say she’s just there as something for the guys to lust over.

There was also Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddmore which looks to me like a last minute idea because there were no black actors in it. And Harold Ramis who also cowrote it with Dan. I think he’s better as a writer and director than an actor but when your up against Bill and Dan it must be tough. I wonder if that’s how they see it as competition or if they’re all in it together and helping each other out I bet they all want the best lines and get the biggest laughs.

In the film they are three parapsychologists which either means like paramedics not quite doctors or like parachutists but they don’t drop out of the sky from aeroplanes. But did you know the original idea was they were travelling round the universe bumping off big ghosts but the director Ivan Reitman thought that would be difficult to do and too expensive so they rewrote it.

It was also going to have John Belushi and John Candy in it but Belushi died and Candy just didn’t sign up imagine if they were in it too it might of been even funnier but maybe too crowded. And I don’t mean because the Johns were both fat there’s nothing wrong with that I quite like a big guy it’s nice being a bit squashed now and then as long as he knows when to get off because you can’t breathe never mind come.

Oops potty mouth I know I can be a bit indiscrete at times it’s how I was bought up to speak my mind because I’m entikeled to my thoughts and opinions just like anyone else but sorry anyway there’s a time and a place.

Anyways so the three parawotsits set up Ghostbusters based in an old fire station and soon they are capturing ghosts all over New York and in the end they are confronted by a giant marshmallow man so when he gets it there’s a big mess as you can imagine.

I don’t suppose anyone has ever taken this serious but a lot of people believe in ghosts and are scared of them but really when you think about it has anyone ever been killed by one I think we’d of heard about it if it happened so it’s probably not true. I get the willies in dark places the same as anyone else (don’t be rude I told you before) but it’s the fear of the unknown I reckon if you could see there was no reason to be scared you wouldn’t be but you can’t. It’s one of life’s little miseries.

Oh, good theme tune too.