Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Four Weddings and a Funeral

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

Four weddings

Some people are just born funny and Hugh Grant is one of those. You could say he always plays the same character which is probably himself but there’s nothing wrong with that a lot of actors make the mistake of choosing the wrong films because they want to “stretch themselves” and they end up like footballers trying to be ballet dancers or dancers trying to be boxers or whatever.

Hugh doesn’t do that he accepts he’s a romantic comedy sort of guy and gets on with it and it’s just as well because he’s the best at it and this is the best of his films in my humble opinion.

He plays Charlie a good looking (obviously) 30-something guy who keeps getting invited to weddings because all his friends are getting married but he isn’t and none of his really close friends are either as it happens. That includes his flatmate Scarlett played by Charlotte Coleman whose a down-to-earth London girl by the sound of it but most of them including Hugh are posh public school types. There’s Kristin Scott Thomas who plays Fiona a beautiful, sophisticated woman with a nice bitchy sense of humour you think straightaway he should be with her but he don’t seem to fancy her. And there’s John Hannah and Simon Callow as a gay couple.

So they keep going to these weddings all over England and Scotland but Charlie meets this American girl Carrie played by Andie McDowell who was flavor of the month when this was made in the mid 90s and she looks good but she’s not funny you can see she’s trying but she just ain’t got it in her. It’s not because she’s American and all the rest are British she just makes me feel uncomfortable for her it’s a shame when that happens isn’t it.

So she and Charlie have it off but she gets married to this Scottish snob and meanwhile Charlie and his friends just keep drinking the champagne and not really having a good time.

At one wedding Fiona tells him she can’t fall in love because she’s in love already and he goes “Really? Who with?” and she goes “You, Charlie” and I have to pause the DVD there and wind it back and watch it again two or three times because it’s such a lovely moment. But even that doesn’t make him see sense he’s crazy about this Carrie character I suppose it happens all the time don’t it but it still seems just like wrong.

Discussing Carrie: Charlie and Fiona in that order: “Pretty” “American” “Interesting” “Slut”

It’s very funny the whole thing apart from when Andie’s doing the lines and there’s Rowan Atkinson as a trainee vicar whose very nervous even though he’s doing his Mr Bean thing which some people like it’s a bit slapstick for me I like it more subtle like Blackadder.

Charlie’s a ladies’ man and there’s a girl Anna Chancellor who’s absolutely besotted with him and breaking her heart Fiona calls her Duckface behind her back but eventually Charlie thinks it’s time to settle down and guess who he decides to marry?

That’s where I’ll have to leave the plot or I’ll give the game away it’s funny it’s romantic it’s the kind of thing to watch when you feel the world’s a big horrible place because the film shows you it’s not that bad really and even lucky people have problems and unlucky people can get lucky if they wait long enough.



Kaycee’s Klasic Films – The Beach

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films



Sometimes when you watch a film you can be taken away to where it is and what’s happening in it I suppose that’s the whole point really and that’s what happens for me with this one. It’s set mainly on a Thai island a lot of people seem to like to bum off to Thailand for some reason and live this sort of hippie dream in a shack on the beach while the rest of the world and all their mates and their family are stuck at home in reality. That’s me, stuck in reality always have been always will be I can’t see myself doing anything as crazy as dropping out or whatever I guess I’m comfortable where I am and you can be adventurous in your own little world it’s all in the mind.

But it don’t do no harm to look through the keyhole sometimes and wonder what it would be like to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere where there’s no fried chicken shops and department stores nothing really just you and the sea and Leonardo di Caprio.

That’s what his character does in this one he is in Thailand and he hears about this island where people live this kind of alternative lifestyle like a commune which I always thought meant living on a disused farm in Wales eating eggs from your chickens and drinking milk from your cows and shagging who you like. I suppose that can happen somewhere warm too.

So Leo goes off looking for this island and he’s with a young French couple he’s just met Francoise and Etienne funny how French names sound nice but look horrible isn’t it he fancies Francoise and her boyfriend is so laid back you can see he wouldn’t make too much of a fuss.

They have to swim the last bit to the island well there ain’t going to be a ferry if it’s a secret paradise is there and they find a sort of marijuana farm in the middle which they like the look of until they see guards with machine guns who don’t like strangers. The commune is on one side of the island and although it’s full of people (backpackers) trying to get away from the real world they kind of have their own real world I guess you have to really and you’ve got away from the bosses but there has to be someone in charge. In this case it’s this English woman called Sal. Tilda Swinton this is she’s a serious actress who always plays strong parts you’ll never find her playing a soppy girlfriend. She’s sexy in a bossy way and she’s got a boyfriend but when they need some important supplies from the mainland she is going but she wants to take a guy with her. Her boyfriend stays there I guess he’s keeping an eye on things and she chooses Leo whose been knocking the French girl off. There’s been shark attacks and things and already you feel it’s not the way dreams should be.

T for trouble – Tilda Swinton’s the boss

Sal’s boyfriend threatens Leo and tells him to keep his hands off Sal while they’re away but without telling him she books a double room and he more or less has to sleep with her well I don’t suppose a guy would mind really she’s good looking and sexy in a bossy way and some men might like that.

So that’s the sexy interlude and then they’re back on the island and it’s supposed to be a secret but Leo told a few people before he came and gave them a map which he denied when Sal asked him. Some new people turn up and he gets the blame and has to go and act as a lookout up on the cliff somewhere on his own and he goes a bit loopy and then it all gets weird and the nice feeling is gone and at that point I kind of lose interest.

At the end Leo does a voiceover where he says paradise isn’t a place it’s something you feel when you’re part of something that’s what I said before about how you can be adventurous without throwing it all away and buggering off somewhere exotic. I can be in the pub with a few people and then go home with some guy who seems nice and for few hours it’s kind of paradise but it never lasts not for nobody I reckon.





Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Thelma and Louise

That's right, hawkeye, it's badly written, spelled and punctuated. It's how a lot of people write these days. And it's a spoof.



You know what I think this just might be my favourite film like ever I’ve watched it dozens of times and every time I enjoy it as much as the first. The only difference is that these days I think of myself more as the Susan Sarandon (Louise) character when in the old days I fancied myself as Thelma (Geena Davis).

See Thelma’s young and reckless and sexy Geena Davis was pretty new then and she had this mouth that looked like whoever had put her together just whacked the first one he could find on her and it made her look wild and mouthy (sorry) but it was Friday afternoon so they wasn’t going to take it off and do it again. I mean she was gorgeous and everything but she had a crazy look she don’t look like that now she was better when she was young but Susan Sarandon was never an out and out babe she always had something more mature and thoughtful about her. And I would like to think that’s how I’m going.

Anyways, when this came out I loved the fact that Thelma was what I think they call a loose cannon she was young but married to this very straight bossy guy and Louise was with Michael Madsen whose always playing a bit of a hothead. The girls go away for the weekend just to escape their boring lives but it turns out a bit more than they expected. Within ten minutes or something Thelma has been picked up by a guy in a bar and he tries to rape her in the car park and Louise ends up shooting him (dead).

That’s the nice weekend out the window and they kind of go on the run. Louise asks Madsen to wire her her life’s savings but he drives out there with it in person. Meanwhile Thelma has met a sexy thief Brad Pitt and she has sex with him well who wouldn’t and she’s so excited she goes to see Louise in the restaurant and leaves Brad in bed and he steals the money and disappears. He had already told her he’s a robber and described how he holds up stores and stuff.

So off they go again and Thelma feels so bad about losing the money so she stops at a store and robs it just like Brad said he did it. So their in more trouble but at least they’ve got some dough again.

Well, Brad, the answer is yes. What is the question?

Back at home the cops are involved and one of them is Harvey Keitel who I love he’s always good and in this one he’s very likeable. He asks Thelma’s husband if they are close and he says “As close as you can get to a lunatic” and they tap his phone and say if she calls he has to be very natural but he don’t he goes “Hello!” loud and bright like he never would normally and she knows he knows.

Later on there’s this great scene in some wide rocky landscape in New Mexico and a cop pulls them over for speeding but they trick him and pull guns and put him in the boot (trunk if you like) its really funny.

When Harvey the cop talks to Louise on the phone you can tell he really likes her its that sort of unexpected stuff that makes a good film for me. Not gonna tell you how it ends for obivous reasons it’s a real enjoyable film and it ain’t just for girls I know guys that love it too it just makes a change to have two broads starring in that type of thing.



Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Leaving Las Vegas

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films


This was Nicholas Cage before he started going for the action-film big bucks and you got the feeling he was trying to be original and different. I don’t know maybe that’s just what he’s like he’s a strange guy a bit like Jack Nicholson in a way you could have fun with him but you wouldn’t necessarily want to invite him to your Mum’s for Christmas dinner in case he did something unperdictable.

This is a real grownup film it’s about him an alcoholic whose wife left him and he gets fired from his job with an advertising agency and he goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death which is an interesting way to do it I suppose. There he meets Elizabeth Shue (the only roll I really know her in) and she’s a hooker and they get together he doesn’t shag her cos he’s too out of it all the time but they grow to like each other I guess what makes it work is he can’t complain about her being what she is because of what he is a bum out of his skull all the time and she can’t complain about him because she’s a prostitute which is nothing to be proud of. (Sorry girls if there’s any of you reading this no offence you know what I mean.)

leaving 2
This is either just before or just after a cop on a motorbike slows down alongside and looks in his car

So Nick and Elizabeth have a good time in their weird way and he makes her promise never to ask him to stop drinking. He’s really funny and he goes to this bar and a young girl hits on him it’s the dippy office girl from Becker the doctor TV comedy with Ted Danson Shawnee Smith her name is. Her boyfriend is there and he fights Nick and Elizabeth’s all loving and concerned when he gets home with blood all over his shirt.

There’s this line which I don’t think was in the script he made it up himself when he’s asked how he feels he says he’s “the kling klang king of the rim ram room”.

Then it’s the hookers turn to get in trouble she goes to a hotel room with a bunch of young guys and she’s cheeky to one of them and they all turn on her I won’t tell you what happened but she gets a taxi and the driver sees her walking awkward like and he says “What’s the matter? You get a back door delivery you weren’t expecting?”

Lots of good lines see I like a good script and the music’s good too sort of jazzy instrumentals and Michael McDonald singing an old rock’n’roll song Lonely Teardrops. This is not the sort of movie everyone will like but like I say it’s an adult film in more ways than one there’s no happy ending most directors would of made him give up drinking and her give up prozzying and they move to the suburbs and run a bed and breakfast but this director Mike Figgis he’s an English guy he’s like Cage he wants to do a proper film not just try to get a hit. I suppose if you make enough money and your more into your art or whatever than just being famous that’s a good way of doing it but not many people think like that.


Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Blue Velvet

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

blue velvet

More people know Twin Peaks than Blue Velvet even though TPs is just a TV series and BV is a film same director David Lynch I guess it shows how important television has become because you can watch anything you want to at home. I thought Twin Peaks was brilliant for the first ten episodes or so and then it got silly because they were trying to string it out I suppose it was so popular they could keep it on the air as long as they didn’t solve the mystery.

Blue Velvet stars Kyle McLachlan too only if you watch this you’re not going to be seeing the women from the TV show because their not in it. Who is in it is Isabella Rossellini as a nightclub singer Kyle thinks is involved in a kidnapping it’s not her fault though its her husband and son have been kidnapped and its Dennis Hopper this weird pervert whose done it. Kyle found an ear in a field in this American hick town where all they do is cut down trees and he takes the ear to this cop he knows and the cop’s daughter is like a friend of his Laura Dern tall skinny blonde with a funny mouth if you ask me but no ones perfect are we even actresses?

Kyle decides to investigate it himself and goes to Isabella’s apartment disguised as a pest control guy and nicks a key and goes back and hides in the closet wardrobe we call it but its American. Of course the woman finds him and wants to know whats going on and they get to no each other and she wants him to shag her kinky like and hit her and things but he don’t he’s kind of in love with the Laura blonde and she likes him too but she’s got a boyfriend.

Complicated plot really even if there’s not much of it and I won’t tell you the outcum but it’s got a good atmosphere you know in Twin Peaks there was the haunting theme tune well in this one it’s all old early 60s stuff like Roy Orbison and the title song Blue Velvet everything is sort of echoey and a bit spooky so it suits the film or maybe it’s the music that makes the film spooky one or the other. Atmospheric anyway I wouldn’t of minded being a teenager in them days the girls were all sexy in long loose skirts and the guys were dripping with hair cream must of made a mess of your clothes but no one ever mentions that.

So Blue Velvet is a good one to watch with this new guy I’ve got he’s ever so sweet and he’s got nice roaming hands so I put on some old 60s clothes I found in a charity shop and I sit there and pretend I’m the innocent blonde girl or the dirty singer depends what mood I’m in when he starts roaming I just feel naughty and innocent at the same time. It’s the film does that to me the power of cinema see.





Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Nightcrawler

That's right, hawkeye, it's badly written, spelled and punctuated. It's how a lot of people write these days. And it's a spoof.


Is this what you’d call a classic well it depends how you define classic doesn’t it. If it has to be old then no it’s not (2014) but if what matters is if it’s brilliant then this is. It got an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay and I reckon Jake Gyllenhaal should of been up for Best Actor he plays a thief whose desperate to get a proper job and he sees a guy with a camera filming a road accident to sell to a TV station and he decides to do the same.

He’s an enterprising guy and he quickly builds the business up but he breaks all the rules gets in too close so he upsets the emergency services and drives too fast and terrifies his new assistant but he gets such good stuff close-ups of blood and gore and things that he strikes up a good relationship with his contact at an unsuccessful TV station.

Nina (Rene Russo) that is she’s a lot older than him but he fancies her like mad and when she eventually agrees to go out to dinner with him he threatens to take his news stuff somewhere else unless she sleeps with him but she wants to keep the relationship strictly business. I would too Jake does a great job showing us he’s a potential psycho he’s great at what he does but you wouldn’t want to get too close to him you never know what he might do.

He’s got this police scanner he listens to to find out what’s going on and sometimes he arrives at the scene before the cops do. One day he does that at a rich man’s house where there are two guys shooting people and Jake films everything after the killers leave he’s in there with his camera dead bodies and blood everywhere and of course Nina loves it but the cops show up demanding the footage but she says no she’s got her rights.

I won’t tell you what happens in the end because you’ll probably want to see it if you haven’t already but he gets more involved in the case he’s very smart and sets it up so he’s there when the big shoot out happens. It’s very clever that’s why it was nominated for the screenplay award and like I say Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant if you met him in real life you’d be scared he was really like that.

Unusually there is no nookie at all not even any snogging although he wants to but Nina doesn’t but you get used to that these days don’t you there’s sex everywhere and it’s only because the film is so brilliant that you don’t really miss it I don’t know why I brought it up really just saying that’s all.

Ten out of ten and if you want something really gripping this is one for you I’m not a great one for action and suspense but this is exeptionall.


Kaycee’s Klasic Films – The Bridges of Madison County

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films


How can you go wrong with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep there both always good aren’t they? Well this is a great example both getting on a bit even when it was made 1995 but life ain’t just for kids is it. Clint is a photographer who is doing a job for a magazine taking pictures of bridges in you guessed it Madison County I don’t know where that is but it doesn’t matter America somewhere and Meryl is a housewife around there whose husband and kids are away for the weekend. Clint turns up and she shows him the bridges there covered which apparently makes them interesting.

Sounds like a recipe for hanky panky don’t it and your right even though there both middle aged she’s bored rigid with her life in the sticks and he’s a red blooded male and honestly any man who finds himself in that situation with a woman like her and any woman with a man like him there bound to do it aren’t they.

What makes this a bit different is that the relationship is a sort of flashback because the Meryl character is dead and her son and daughter are going through her things and come across a diary and other stuff that tells about the affair.

Honestly its as romantic as hell you know its wrong but its a little glimpse of happiness for both of them and you can’t hold it against them I reckon.

Clint directed it and I wonder if he’d always wanted to get his hands on Meryl and this was a way to do it. I suppose you shouldn’t think like that but it’s a possibility isn’t it. Just perfect casting though I suppose and anyway that’s by the by it’s the film we’re looking at not real life.

Its sort of peaceful and it keeps going back to the son and daughter and your thinking go on give her a break she was a good mother and so what if she had a bit of a private episode it didn’t do no one no harm did it.

Bridges 2

This was virginally a book and after the film they made it into a musical which might be okay I suppose if you like musicals I don’t find them very realistic myself.

One critic described the film as “total eroticism within perfect virtue” and I’m glad he did because I would never have found the words to say that but its true. There is nothing really explicit in it but they fall for each other so hard that you can bet they did some exploring and yet after a bath and a cup of tea their back to normal.

The touching thing is that they decided not to ruin her life or her family’s life so they just put their relationship in a kind of memory box and just thought about it and how things might of been I suppose. Sometimes things are better left like that because the magic could wear off pretty quick if reality gets involved but it must take some self discipline and I don’t know if I could do it personal.




Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Jackie Brown

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

jackie brown

A lot of people who don’t really like Quentin Tarantino films just think they’re too violent but I think that’s missing the point you don’t have to take the violence serious mind you that bit in Reservoir Dogs when the guy has his ear cut off was a bit much I thought first time I saw it. Jackie Brown doesn’t have too much of it it’s more funny and clever. It stars Samuel L. Jackson and Pam Grier probably the sexiest black actor and actress there’s ever been. Sam’s always cool and here he’s got bit of a screw loose but she’s not scared of him she’s a strong woman whose been around but still got her dignity if you no what I mean.

She’s an air stewardess cabin crew they call them these days and she’s involved in some sort of gun-smuggling operation well Sam is and she’s bringing money back from where he sends the goods. Something like that and the cops are onto her as well as customs the customs guy’s a pain in the bum but the cop’s nice Michael Keaton not looking like Batman at all.

And there’s a bail bondsman Robert Forster who Sam’s also dealing with because his associates keep getting into trouble a bail bondsman organizes things when people need to be bailed out of prison, see? He gets to know Jackie and you can tell he’s falling for her cos he leaves this long message on her answering machine with his phone number and his pager number and all sorts.

Sam and Jackie cook up this scheme where they’re going to switch a bag containing lots of money for one that just contains paper and their doing this at a big mall. It’s complicated but it doesn’t really matter because the characters are more interesting than the plot there’s also Robert De Niro as this friend of Sam’s whose just got out of prison and he’s a bit slow you wouldn’t know it’s De Niro at first he’s so quiet and doesn’t steal the show at all.

He doinks Sam’s girlfriend Bridget Fonda whose an airhead and Sam doesn’t really mind cos he’s got a few women around the place. There’s a great bit where the phone goes and Sam expects her to answer it so she does in the end but just picks it up and immediately goes “It’s for you”. She really pushes her luck that girl.

In the end Jackie asks Forster to go away with her but then she says “Are you scared of me?” and he goes “A little bit”. She likes him because he’s a good steady guy and she hasn’t got lot of that in her life it’s hard to imagine them together though especially in bed she’d shag him to death.

As I say it’s complicated but as usual though it’s not the details I’m interested it’s the relationships and characters and what they say (dialogue, that’s called) that’s what Tarantino is best at. Especially the black gangsta talk where they’re allowed to call each other nigga but nobody else is.



Kaycee’s Klasic Films – The Long Good Friday

That's right, hawkeye, it's badly written, spelled and punctuated. It's how a lot of people write these days. And it's a spoof.

Long Good Friday

Yes old as the hills again but what can I say it’s a classic and that’s what the title of the series says Klasic I’m not sure if that’s the right speling but who cares. And what is a classic well its not something that came out last week probably I don’t know how most 13 year olds find enough music to put on their iPods because they haven’t listened to that much in their life never mind really good stuff.

TLGF looks dated now because its from the 70s so its all long hair and funny suits. What I really like about it is Helen Mirren she’s the classiest British actress of her time and when I first saw this I wanted to be her. Not necessary with a little bad tempered bloke like Bob Hoskins as Harold Shand a gangster but imagine someone with his money and power but looking like I don’t know Pierce Brosnan. He’s in it funny enough Brosnan in a small part as an IRA guy nasty piece of work who stabs one of Bob’s guys in a swimming pool he’s gay and Pierce pretends to be gay to get close to him and then knifes him not very nice is it?

See Bob’s gang has been running the London underworld and he’s about to do a deal with an American gangster something to do with the docklands which were disused at the time before they all got done up posh. And as soon as the Yank turns up Bob’s people start getting killed and there’s bombs in restaurants and cars and he doesn’t know who’s doing it. “Who’s having a go at me?” he goes and the American’s not impressed.

Helen is his girlfriend a posh classy bird who gives glamour to his operation I guess. And one of his closest friends fancies her too well every man in England fancied her at that time and probably still would now my Dad thinks she’s the sexiest thing since sliced bread not that that’s sexy but you no what I mean.

Helen 2
All together now, guys: “Phwoaarrr! I would! Not many!” In your dreams, gentlemen, in your dreams.

Lots of people you recognize in it too if you watched British TV then there’s Charlie from Casualty he’s filled out a bit haven’t we all and Denzil the black guy from Only Fools and Horses he gets his buttocks slashed by a minder called Razors that’s not nice either is it but really it’s not that scary film.

So you gradually realize it’s the IRA that’s doing all the bad stuff because I suppose they want to be the ones that profit out of the docklands I don’t know that’s just my interpration and nothing really gets sorted out you just get the feeling it’s not going to be the piece of cake Bob thought it would.

Sometimes films do that they just leave you hanging somewhere and nothing is decided but its all about giving you an enjoyable time for 90 minutes or two hours or whatever and this one just keeps on rocking all the way through.

Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Brief Encounter

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews

Brief Encounter

Some people think I’m crazy when I tell them this is one of my faves because it’s older than David Beckham and for a film that is old. And it’s in black and white and has classical music instead of pop and everybody talks in funny accents. But you no what that doesn’t matter it’s a story that could of happened then, happens now all the time and probably happened sentries ago too.

That’s because its about the birds and the bees or what the birds and the bees get us poor humans to do. Love some people call it but the short time it happens in in most films its more like fancying someone and having a bit of sex to be going on with. In Brief Encounter they never actually get it on as they say because it was made in 1942 and even though real people probably did have it off with people they’d just met the film censors didn’t want you to think that.

There’s this housewife Celia Johnson plays, she’s ever so posh and not the least bit sexy you’d think and she has this cosy life with her husband and two kids and the highlight of her week is getting the train to a bigger town to do some shopping. One day at the station she gets a bit of coal dust in her eye and this handsome doctor Trevor Howard gets it out with the corner of his hankie. This would never happen now because trains don’t have coal as fuel and blokes don’t have hankies in their pockets (and if they do, Gawd knows what they’ve been up to with them!) but like I say you just have to forget that kind of detail.

So Celia thinks he’s a bit of all right even though to you and me he might look like your uncle or grandpa or something and he thinks she’s lovely and they start meeting every week and doing simple things like going to the pictures. One thing I will say in the bloke’s defence is that although we always assume they’re just after one thing they sometimes really do fall for you and if the other is available obviously they’re not going to say no are they?

And so they go boating on a lake and he falls in and while they’re sitting in a hut getting warm and dry no he doesn’t try it on he tells her he’s fallen in love with her. It makes me want to cry every time and she’s very upset with herself because it’s not what people like her are supposed to do and she tries to stop seeing him but can’t bring herself to. Eventually they end up at this flat he’s got the keys to because it belongs to his friend a really posh gent and they’re alone together and you’re thinking this might be it the politest bonk in history but the friend turns up so she has to leg it down the fire escape or something.

Now the doc is leaving for a new life in South Africa which really gets them out of the situation although it kills them too (not litrally) and she’s back at home with her husband who’s a nice old guy and he doesn’t know anything about it or does he? Anyways, she loves him really just not passionately like she loves the doc and the husband loves her so much you can tell he’s prepared to pretend he doesn’t know and he says in this really posh voice “Whatever your dream was, it wasn’t a very happy one, was it?” or something like that. And then he goes “You’ve been a long way away. Thank you for coming back to me” and I rush out the room if there’s someone else there because it’s too heartbreaking.