Lockdown playlist no. 10: All Things Must Pass

It’s a blessing and a curse: everything ends some time. On the good side, bad things end. On the bad side, good things end. As a parent, you worry about phases your kids are going through, until you finally realise they are just phases and phases eventually finish. And the longest phase of all is our life itself, which will end one day. Covid-19 may never be completely wiped out,  but the pandemic will be history soon enough.

George Harrison wrote this profound-sounding song in the late 60s or perhaps early 1970 and it was the title track of the triple album which marked his emergence as a solo artist. It was a cathartic release of all the ideas he had bottled up because the genius of Lennon and McCartney meant there wasn’t much room for his songs on Beatles albums. Was it really worth a triple, though? Probably not, but there was some good stuff on it.

The message of this song is that he doesn’t love the girl anymore, but she should cheer up because life goes on. Forgetting that somewhat insensitive element, the song is dressed up with orchestration and does sound quite comforting if you don’t study the lyrics too closely.

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