Lockdown playlist no. 6: Heed the Warning

Not a lockdown day goes by without some public figure being caught doing something they shouldn’t. Even the Minister of Health in New Zealand drove his family to the beach before realising he shouldn’t have, and he has only hung onto his job because there’s a health crisis going on, which after all is his department. More predictably, we’ve had a numbskull English footballer hosting a party with a couple of hookers, while that same profession (prostitutes) is  trying to popularise online sex because this social distancing lark is making life very hard for them.

However, we’ve all just got to grit our teeth and sit tight. And so to the song. Heed the warning is from Chaka Khan’s 1981 album Whatcha Donna Do For Me, on which the boundaries of rock and funk are well and truly blurred. There’s some great stuff on there, from the rollicking title track to the jaunty Any Old Sunday. Yvette Stevens, to use her original name, burned brightly for a few years without quite making it to the heights she perhaps deserves, but this album is a belting, life-affirming delight.

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