Lockdown playlist no. 5: Spinning the Wheel

Suddenly every film recommended on Netflix is something to do with an epidemic, which personally I could do without when I’m trying to have a nice evening without wondering about the end of the world.

This song is from the golden era George Michael enjoyed in the mid 90s and it too is about an epidemic: AIDS. Interestingly, for someone who came out to the world by getting arrested for exposing himself in a public toilet, the singer is claiming the moral high ground here as he complains about his partner being out all night, presumably having sex with other men.

Quite how this makes for a good pop song is a mystery, but it does. Nice languid rhythm, mellow production and mature vocal performance.

I hated Wham! with a vengeance (particularly the early tosh when he was pretending to be tough), but I suppose it is hard growing up in public, and by this stage he was coming up with some quality stuff.

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