Lockdown playlist no. 4: Crisis by Bob Marley and the Wailers

I first heard this as an instrumental on the B-side of I don’t remember what and although there are versions with lyrics, it’s the instrumental I’m putting here. As you would expect from Marley, it’s pretty laidback – not the atmosphere of a crisis but great for making yourself relax and let the storm blow over, assisted by a large spliff or 10 and a bottle of white rum.

I’ve lived in the Caribbean for almost 10 years now and you still hear his music everywhere: it’s like reggae never found a new hero. Imagine if pop/rock ended with The Beatles and there was never an Elton John, a Prince or a Led Zeppelin You can walk into a pub or club in England and pretty well guarantee not to hear Paperback Writer or Revolution, but step off a boat in the West Indies and I guarantee within half an hour you will hear Three Little Birds.

You probably won’t hear this, though.

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