Lockdown playlist no. 2: Long Time Gone

Feel free to add your own ideas for coronavirus songs in the comments at the bottom. It’s mainly the title that matters, not what the song is really about. When I’ve done 10 posts I will compile a list of the best suggestions.

Long Time Gone fits the Lockdown theme mainly for it first words (It’s been a long time coming) and its general tone. It’s a song by David Crosby from the first Crosby Stills and Nash album. Crosby has always been politically minded and this one is about something that the government or some wider hierarchy is keeping from us. He probably has a similar view about Covid-19. There is a particular breed of conspiracy theorists who will invariably blame their own people, and just saying this virus was produced in a laboratory isn’t enough for them. Nor will they say it was a Chinese or North Korean laboratory. No, they’ll tell you it was American. Among their other bugbears will be religion, but if pressed they will side with Muslims against Christians, purely because their parents were Christians and therefore that must be bad.

Anyway, the song. David Crosby and Stephen Stills came from The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield respectively, both American 1960s bands regarded as cooler than the “British invasion” crew, so it was a surprise when they teamed up with Graham Nash from pop harmony group The Hollies.

At their first get-together, when Nash put his trademark high harmony on what they were singing, Stills says, “Crosby and I just looked at each other.” It was Nash who elevated the band from excellent to incredible, and he and Crosby would be lifelong collaborators.

That first album, which includes 49 Byebyes, Wooden Ships and Marrakesh Express still stands (in my humble opinion) as one of the landmarks of that era, late 60s-early 70s

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