Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Silver Linings Playbook

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films


When you watch a lot of movies like I do because I’m a sad old cow with no social life that’s a joke but kind of true actually you have to watch a lot of new stuff and if your using Netflix or something that’s where you find them and you have to rely on what they put on there because it’s not like a library with every film theres ever been. What I’m getting at is you can’t be that choosy because the summaries are written by someone who thinks she’s clever it sounds like a girl to me I don’t know you don’t know what anything is going to be like if you never heard of it before so sometimes you have to take a chance. And sometimes it turns out to be all bang bang bad language young smartarses killing people or thinking there being funny.

And sometimes you find a gem I did that recently with Silver Linings Playbook from 2012 which I had vaguely heard of but not taken much notice and I’m glad I did because it’s like brilliant. Stars Bradley Cooper whose pretty good not sensational but he can act he was wasted in stuff like The Hangover.

So he plays a guy, Pat, who just gets out of a mental hospital because he’s bipolar which used to be known as manic depression I think and he went berserk and hurt somebody. He seems okay now but he’s hyperactive can’t sleep goes back to live with his parents Robert de Niro and Jacki Weaver who I don’t know but she can’t spell Jackie can she I know who am I to talk?

He is hoping to get back together with his wife Nikki but he’s got a restraining order so he can’t contact her and one night he goes to some friends’ house for dinner only he’s wearing an American football shirt and everyone else is dressed quite smart so he feels a bit of a dick. The friend’s wife is an aggressive sod and they have invited a girl too about Pat’s age Tiffany played by Jennifer Lawrence and she is a bit of a psycho too sorry I mean she has a psychiatric disorder and if you ask me its not clever to try to fix them up with each other but that’s what it looks like. She gets upset and leaves before they even eaten and he goes with her she lives in a converted garage behind her parents house and she says he can come in and shag her as long as they keep the lights off. That’s part of her trouble she says she got sacked because she had sex with everybody she worked with 11 people including two women.

Pat says no because he loves his wife but they keep meeting each other out jogging and she says she will take a letter he wrote to Nikki which is illegal cos he’s not supposed to be in touch with her like I said. Anyways Tiffany says she will help him if he will be her partner in a dance competition and he don’t want to but says yes in the end. Jennifer looks great here real sad eyes.

silver 2
Cheer up, Tiffany. I think he likes you

So that’s one plot two really I suppose and the third is his Dad’s lost his job and trying to win enough money to start a restaurant by betting on sport with a guy he knows. That’s enough detail ain’t it I’m getting lost telling you about it but sure enough Pat and Tiffany start falling for each other but he still wants his wife back.

It all comes to a head as they say at the dance contest it’s a kind of old fashioned film in that way it looks like there getting together then there not and is he getting his wife back maybe and then maybe not I tell you I was in tears at the end. It’s a great film that could of been made in like the 50s with James Stewart and Jane Russell or somebody or even earlier with people I don’t know who to say.

Lovely film very clever and Oscar nominations all over the place and Jennifer won best actress.



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