Kaycee’s Klasic Films – The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

french 1

Yes going back a bit ain’t I but its not like the old days when you had to wait for a film to come to you now you can go and find it. Of course you got to know what you want so unless you just read about it probably someone showed it to you once and this is another one that my Auntie Renee had on video yes the old tapes and I watched it with her once I used to go round her flat and take a bottle of sweet martini she liked that and she would provide the movie. She was a bit of a softie old Renee bless her soul and she used to knock around with a few arty types students when she was younger and she was working in a pub across from some technical college.

So one day she puts this on and it’s a bit complicated because it’s two stories at once the first one about the actors in a film and the second one the characters in the film if you see what  mean. In the film he’s a gentleman engaged to one woman but in love with this other one whose exciting but trouble. It’s Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons did I say that. And the actors are having an affair in real life all that would of made it even more complicated is if Meryl and Jeremy were at it too in real real life but I don’t think they were.

It’s nice if you like the English coast because a lot of it is in Lyme Regis which is Dorset I think and it’s got this twisty sort of stone breakwater sticking out in the sea and the Meryl character Sarah goes on it waiting for her French lieutenant to come back she’s a bit nutty but I don’t know if she was always like that or its love that drove her a bit mad. She and the Jeremy character Charles get it on in a hotel and he splits up with his fiancée but then Sarah disappears. He thinks she’s gone to be a prostitute in London – that’s nice isn’t it if that’s what your lover thinks of you – but she’s not she’s a governess up north in the Lake District very nice area and after three years apart they get back together and it looks like they’re going to be happy which is what you want when your watching this sort of thing.

french 2
Saucy: don’t you look at him like that, young lady, all one your own out on the cliffs

But the actors relationship is different she feels guilty and wants to be faithful to her husband it’s a bit late for that now girl but she’s determined and when the film shoot is over she leaves without saying goodbye to him and he calls out to her but he calls her Sarah that’s the character’s name. See it’s easy to get confused even watching it so I suppose if you were him you might get it mixed up even more.

Meryl Streep is great as always and Jeremy Irons is pretty good but I don’t know if you’re supposed to like him much that’s the thing about being an actor people think it’s you whose lovely or horrible or a jerk and it’s not your just playing a role. Me, I want to go and stand on the end of the twisty breakwater and hope its Johnny Depp that finds me cos he’s available now and I’d take a chance on him even if his missus says he threw her phone at her.




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