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If there was an award for the cleverest film of the year in 2007 it would of gone to Mr Brooks because as well as being well acted it has things cropping up all the time that change the way your thinking I don’t know if they did this on purpose but it happened.

It stars  Kevin Costner as this wealthy guy who made his money through making boxes which dosen’t sound very exciting does it but if it makes you a millionaire I don’t suppose you would complain. He’s just won Man of the Year in Portland, Oregon, and his picture is all over the media which turns out not to be such a good thing because he has this secret life he’s a serial killer who likes to shoot couples who are making love and the first time he does it after the award he dosen’t notice the curtains of their bedroom are open.

That matters because this couple have a habit of doing it with the lights on and the curtains open and a guy in the apartment block opposite watches them and takes photographs and the really weird thing about him is that he wants to be a killer himself so when he recognizes Mr Brooks he tracks him down and says he’s going to expose him if he dosen’t let him come along next time he’s out murdering.

Brooks has this alter ego they call it that’s another side of him like and in this film they show it as another guy completely Marshall (William Hurt who we looked at last week in Body Heat). Marshall is the bad side of Brooks the one who makes him kill and Brooks himself wants to stop it but Marshall wants him to carry on so he’s pleased when this weird guy who calls himself Mr Smith wants the fun to continue. You see I’m calling Smith weird but not Brooks and that’s because Brooks is a nice family man very neat and tidy and he cleans up the crime scenes and burns the clothes he was wearing and he’s good to his wife and loves his daughter.

Brooks 2
The two sides of Mr Brooks: Costner and Hurt

The detective whose in charge of the case is Demi Moore who I’ve never really liked or even found that attractive but millions of men do so what do I know? She’s getting divorced so she’s got a lawyer now she is a good looking dame the lawyer that is played by Aisha Hinds she’s a well built black woman with a shaven head which might not sound  that cute but let me tell you she’s gorgeous.

But that’s by the by the cop is loaded she’s from a wealthy family so her husband is trying to get shedloads of money out of her in the divorce settlement.

Then Brooks’s daughter turns up she’s dropped out of college and she’s pregnant but that’s not the real reason but what is we have to wait to find out and Brooks and Marshall discuss it they talk to each other but no one else can hear them. William Hurt has this voice that can sound mad and creepy and he uses that here he’s always laughing like a lunatic well I suppose he is a lunatic or his character is.

Then some more cops turn up from the town the daughter was at college in and they want to talk to her about a murder that happened just before she left. So like father like daughter and Brooks is such a nice guy that he goes down there and kills somebody else in the same way the first one was done to make it look like the start of a series like his so it couldn’t be his daughter because she wasn’t there. See what I mean about it being clever well you may be thinking it could get on your nerves but it dosen’t it just keeps you on your toes thinking what’s going to happen next that’s my opinion anyways I love it it wasn’t fantastically popular when it come out but sometimes the public don’t get it for some reason I think it should of got awards left right and centre.

There’s much more to it but it’s got so much going on I ain’t got time to tell you more and if you seen it already you know anyhow and if you haven’t you’ll find out when you do so at least I ain’t given the game away.



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