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If you don’t know this film and you just look at the title you might get the wrong idea because it sounds a bit porny but its not it’s a drama with a bit of sex in it but no more than you get in a lot of films so don’t let that put you off if such things do put you off I suppose it all depends who your watching it with.

This stars William Hurt and Kathleen Turner both of who shone brightly for a while and then faded. William plays Ned Racine a small town lawyer in Florida who apparently doesn’t get paid much that’s weird isn’t it I thought all lawyers were loaded. Anyways he isn’t he’s got a sports car though so he can’t be poor but he’s not the brightest guy in the world, so maybe that’s why. And he’s lonely I think he’s had all the women in his town and now he’s paying the price.

Then he meets Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner) whose married to a rich man older than her and they have a house near Ned’s town but the husband only comes up at weekends. Matty’s body temperature is abnormally high that’s why its called what it is. So after a bit of cat and mouse Ned and Matty start having a steamy affair its steamy in more ways than one because for one thing there’s this heatwave going on and also they can’t keep there hands off each other you don’t see anything really rude by todays standards (this was 1981) but there are other ways of doing it and the director Lawrence Kasdan is good at that. The first time Ned and Matty get down to it its on the floor and the camera just lingers for a moment as he puts her knickers on the carpet see its quite clever to catch such an intimate moment that’s just an ordinary thing really.

But you know how when your so physically attracted to someone that it makes you blind to everything else and that’s what happens with them they decide to bump off the husband Richard Crenna whose a bit of a worm really you don’t like him and I still can’t like Richard Crenna in other films cos he made such an impression in this one.

body 2
Let’s have a nice cold bath together. Is there any more ice?

Ned and Matty decide to change his will so she gets everything and of course he can do it because it’s his line of work but you know it’s going to look suspicious afterwards.

Soon it all gets too much and they don’t trust each other and you suspect its not going to end well whatever happens.

So the husband gets killed and Ned puts him in a disused building and sets it on fire. He gets advice on this from an old client of his a young bad boy played by Mickey Rourke there’s some good lines in the film and Mickey gets some of them like this: “Any time you try a decent crime there are maybe 50 ways you can screw up. If you think of  25 of them you’re a genius – and you ain’t no genius. You remember who told me that?”

Ned’s best friend is another lawyer played by Ted Danson before he was in Cheers and they kind of dress him down so he isn’t sexier than William Hurt. When the cops start investigating cos they know there was a body in the burnt building Danson becomes Ned’s lawyer and just to complicate things the cop in charge of the investigation is a friend of theirs, Oscar (J. A. Preston from Hill Street Blues). He would like to believe Ned’s innocent but as he says, “When you’re out there every night banging the widow it tends to draw attention to you.”

It all gets very complicated because Matty isn’t really who she says she is she’s borrowed the identity of an old classmate. Oh yes now I think of it Ned meets her one night when he goes to see Matty and this other woman is outside the house with her back to him and they look a bit similar and he says “Hey lady, you wanna f***?” and then she turns round and he’s really embarrassed and she goes, “My, this sure is a friendly town.”

There’s a great soundtrack by John Barry the James Bond guy it’s mainly orchestral stuff atmospheric like and very classy.

It’s a classy film all round as it happens but like I say it depends who your watching it with if you’ve got your Gran staying with you and she likes thrillers this might seem like a good idea but you might both get a bit uncomfortable when the  doinking starts. Depends what your Gran’s like. One of mine is dead and the other one is my Mum’s Mum and you know what she’s like so it wouldn’t be a problem but you know what I’m saying.




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