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blow 1


I know this is old and might not be an obvious one for me, but I watched it once at my Auntie Renee’s house and there was just something about  it so I bought the DVD. I like a bit of quiet mystery now and then, and that’s Blow Up all over. And talking about all over, who wouldn’t want to be all over David Hemmings he’s the star of this never became a megastar but as far as British 60s cinema is concerned he’s one of the greats.  I just looked him up to see if he’s still alive but he’s not he died over 10 years ago in Bucharest which is a funny place to die don’t you think unless you’re a Cold War spy or something.

Anyways in the 60s he was this skinny blond smooth guy, quite posh and elegant and in this he plays a photographer in Swinging Sixties London a bit like David Bailey if you ask me there were a few of them trendy photographers they was almost as famous as pop stars. The story is as moody as hell well the film is moody and the story don’t really matter its all about the atmosphere. He’s out and about taking pictures of whatever and he’s in this park not one of the big well known ones and there’s this couple having a bit of a barney it looks like. The woman is Vanessa Redgrave and she is angry that he’s taken pictures and she wants to take the film out of his camera so he can’t develop it that’s what the process was in them days not like now.

But he develops it and blows it up hence the name and it looks like there is a body in the bushes so he goes back in the morning but there’s nothing there. You would expect him to get the police involved but this film isn’t like that at all. He’s got this big flirty thing going on with Vanessa and there’s a couple of dolly birds that’s what they used to call them teenage girls who want him to photograph them and make them famous models so he has a bit of a romp with them on the floor of his studio. And there’s his friend’s wife he’s got a smouldering thing with it’s typical Sixties in a way just quieter than usual.

blow 2
Go on, give her the film Dave, it means more to her than it does to you

He likes beautiful things and he goes to this antiques shop and finds this big propeller that’s what it looks like anyway like off an old plane so he buys that. And he goes to this underground club where there’s a band playing and he watches two guys pretending to play tennis on a real court but with no ball or rackets they’re just miming like.

Old Renee told me in the first place it’s as arty as f*** excuse my French and it don’t make a lot of sence but does everything have to make sence all the time I don’t know my life don’t always add up.

It’s all very London but funny enough it was written and directed and produced even by Italians Michelangelo Antonioni is the director there was a few Italian arty guys doing this at the time so Renee says I reckon she’s not as stupid as she looks not like me. Anyways it must of been fun being around at that time I guess I’d of been one of the dolly birds not the Vanessa character but still. Short skirts and no AIDS or nothing all they worried about was getting pregnant I guess. But you can’t get up the duff watching a film can you.



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