Bloke in the Kitchen. Perico – Venezuelan scrambled eggs


Taking the mystery and fear out of cooking

Regular readers will have noticed that Bloke in the Kitchen regards the cuisines of the world as one big family, with the same aims (nourishment, pleasure, value for money) and in many cases similar methods and ingredients.

So it is with perico. While in the UK, US and other countries, scrambled eggs are eaten on their own on toast or as part of a breakfast including bacon, sausages etc, in South America they will throw other things in – and why not? This is the essence of Bloke – if it works, do it.

perico 2
This is the general idea. It doesn’t have to be with bread – could be fried potatoes, tostones or, traditionally, arepas


If you don’t know what scrambling means, it’s like frying but you break the eggs up with a wooden spoon in the pan as they cook, so it’s not intact like a fried egg but not totally smooth like an omelette.

So without further ado, let’s get to the recipe.



Fresh tomatoes

Red pepper




Chop the tomatoes, peppers and onion up small and fry them gently in a little oil. Don’t give them too long because we want them about half-cooked. Add some chopped cilantro (or if you can’t find any, use parsley) and crack the eggs into the pan. Add a little salt and pepper.

Scramble as usual until the eggs are cooked as much as you like.

Serve on toast or with bread. In Venezuela they have this with arepas – a sort of corn flatbread that splits open like pitta. We’ll have a look at them next week.

Here the cilantro is used as decoration, but if you do it like this, make sure you rip it up and mix it in after serving


In Venezuela they don’t go in for spicy-hot very much, but if you like it, chop up as little or as much of a chilli pepper as you can handle and add that – or powder if you don’t have the fresh stuff. But don’t tell my wife I suggested that. She’s from there and she’s a purist.



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