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Here’s another naturally funny guy Will Smith.

Time flies don’t it it dosen’t seem five years since Men in Black was out, but it was 1997 that’s nearly 20 years ago there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then hey that can sound sort of dirty if you say it wrong and think about it too much I guess its my filthy mind.

So Will Smith in MIB it starts off with Tommy Lee Jones alias sexy older man and his even older partner have been dealing with aliens too long and the partner has had enough so Tommy needs a new partner and the bosses interview all these young hotshots from the army and air force and stuff and their all dead serious but Will’s just a New York cop and he think these whiz kids are funny or pathetic.

They don’t know exactly what it is their applying for anyway Will is the favourite and he gets the job so he goes for a spin in TLJ’s car and Tommy tells him to put his seatbelt on and he’s not scared until he puts his foot down and he realizes it goes like a bat out of hell. That’s the start of him learning to respect TLJ and the job there’s a lot of films like that where somebody wants to do it his way all the time and has to be taught a lesson.

It’s a strange world he’s let himself in for as he soon finds out with aliens in all shapes and sizes one is out at this farm  in the countryside and he takes over the body of a farmer something like that only his skin doesn’t fit properly and Will doesn’t like the way the guy treats his wife and he flirts with her a bit and says she should get a life basically because she’s not a bad looking woman underneath and he says she should change the wallpaper even, “because… damn!” it’s funny the way he says it.

What they do is not kill the aliens unless they have no choice but they keep an eye on them because the public would be freaked out if they knew there were so many living among them. When there is an incident and people see what happened they make everyone look at this thing like a little torch it’s called a neuralyser and when it flashes it erases people’s memory of what just happened. The MIB just put on sunglasses when their going to do this to protect themselves I guess they must be pretty special sunglasses.

There’s got to be a girl in a flick like this for a love interest and the farmer’s wife isn’t that sort so well I never the woman working at the morgue is beautiful and she gets the job of keeping the guys simmering there’s a funny bit when a bad guy is under the table and she’s trying to tell Will that but he thinks she’s trying to seduce him in the most crude way, pointing at her bits but she’s not.

You know if you wanted to make this film and you were pitching it to a studio, trying to get them interested so they would give you the money, it might be a tough one I reckon except it was based on a comic book series. Sometimes you just have to be glad the right people got the right parts I saw somewhere that David Schwimmer Ross from Friends could of played the Will role but just imagine it wouldn’t of been half as good.



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