Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Four Weddings and a Funeral

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Four weddings

Some people are just born funny and Hugh Grant is one of those. You could say he always plays the same character which is probably himself but there’s nothing wrong with that a lot of actors make the mistake of choosing the wrong films because they want to “stretch themselves” and they end up like footballers trying to be ballet dancers or dancers trying to be boxers or whatever.

Hugh doesn’t do that he accepts he’s a romantic comedy sort of guy and gets on with it and it’s just as well because he’s the best at it and this is the best of his films in my humble opinion.

He plays Charlie a good looking (obviously) 30-something guy who keeps getting invited to weddings because all his friends are getting married but he isn’t and none of his really close friends are either as it happens. That includes his flatmate Scarlett played by Charlotte Coleman whose a down-to-earth London girl by the sound of it but most of them including Hugh are posh public school types. There’s Kristin Scott Thomas who plays Fiona a beautiful, sophisticated woman with a nice bitchy sense of humour you think straightaway he should be with her but he don’t seem to fancy her. And there’s John Hannah and Simon Callow as a gay couple.

So they keep going to these weddings all over England and Scotland but Charlie meets this American girl Carrie played by Andie McDowell who was flavor of the month when this was made in the mid 90s and she looks good but she’s not funny you can see she’s trying but she just ain’t got it in her. It’s not because she’s American and all the rest are British she just makes me feel uncomfortable for her it’s a shame when that happens isn’t it.

So she and Charlie have it off but she gets married to this Scottish snob and meanwhile Charlie and his friends just keep drinking the champagne and not really having a good time.

At one wedding Fiona tells him she can’t fall in love because she’s in love already and he goes “Really? Who with?” and she goes “You, Charlie” and I have to pause the DVD there and wind it back and watch it again two or three times because it’s such a lovely moment. But even that doesn’t make him see sense he’s crazy about this Carrie character I suppose it happens all the time don’t it but it still seems just like wrong.

Discussing Carrie: Charlie and Fiona in that order: “Pretty” “American” “Interesting” “Slut”

It’s very funny the whole thing apart from when Andie’s doing the lines and there’s Rowan Atkinson as a trainee vicar whose very nervous even though he’s doing his Mr Bean thing which some people like it’s a bit slapstick for me I like it more subtle like Blackadder.

Charlie’s a ladies’ man and there’s a girl Anna Chancellor who’s absolutely besotted with him and breaking her heart Fiona calls her Duckface behind her back but eventually Charlie thinks it’s time to settle down and guess who he decides to marry?

That’s where I’ll have to leave the plot or I’ll give the game away it’s funny it’s romantic it’s the kind of thing to watch when you feel the world’s a big horrible place because the film shows you it’s not that bad really and even lucky people have problems and unlucky people can get lucky if they wait long enough.



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