Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Blue Velvet

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Our fictitious reviewer Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films

blue velvet

More people know Twin Peaks than Blue Velvet even though TPs is just a TV series and BV is a film same director David Lynch I guess it shows how important television has become because you can watch anything you want to at home. I thought Twin Peaks was brilliant for the first ten episodes or so and then it got silly because they were trying to string it out I suppose it was so popular they could keep it on the air as long as they didn’t solve the mystery.

Blue Velvet stars Kyle McLachlan too only if you watch this you’re not going to be seeing the women from the TV show because their not in it. Who is in it is Isabella Rossellini as a nightclub singer Kyle thinks is involved in a kidnapping it’s not her fault though its her husband and son have been kidnapped and its Dennis Hopper this weird pervert whose done it. Kyle found an ear in a field in this American hick town where all they do is cut down trees and he takes the ear to this cop he knows and the cop’s daughter is like a friend of his Laura Dern tall skinny blonde with a funny mouth if you ask me but no ones perfect are we even actresses?

Kyle decides to investigate it himself and goes to Isabella’s apartment disguised as a pest control guy and nicks a key and goes back and hides in the closet wardrobe we call it but its American. Of course the woman finds him and wants to know whats going on and they get to no each other and she wants him to shag her kinky like and hit her and things but he don’t he’s kind of in love with the Laura blonde and she likes him too but she’s got a boyfriend.

Complicated plot really even if there’s not much of it and I won’t tell you the outcum but it’s got a good atmosphere you know in Twin Peaks there was the haunting theme tune well in this one it’s all old early 60s stuff like Roy Orbison and the title song Blue Velvet everything is sort of echoey and a bit spooky so it suits the film or maybe it’s the music that makes the film spooky one or the other. Atmospheric anyway I wouldn’t of minded being a teenager in them days the girls were all sexy in long loose skirts and the guys were dripping with hair cream must of made a mess of your clothes but no one ever mentions that.

So Blue Velvet is a good one to watch with this new guy I’ve got he’s ever so sweet and he’s got nice roaming hands so I put on some old 60s clothes I found in a charity shop and I sit there and pretend I’m the innocent blonde girl or the dirty singer depends what mood I’m in when he starts roaming I just feel naughty and innocent at the same time. It’s the film does that to me the power of cinema see.





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