Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Jackie Brown

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jackie brown

A lot of people who don’t really like Quentin Tarantino films just think they’re too violent but I think that’s missing the point you don’t have to take the violence serious mind you that bit in Reservoir Dogs when the guy has his ear cut off was a bit much I thought first time I saw it. Jackie Brown doesn’t have too much of it it’s more funny and clever. It stars Samuel L. Jackson and Pam Grier probably the sexiest black actor and actress there’s ever been. Sam’s always cool and here he’s got bit of a screw loose but she’s not scared of him she’s a strong woman whose been around but still got her dignity if you no what I mean.

She’s an air stewardess cabin crew they call them these days and she’s involved in some sort of gun-smuggling operation well Sam is and she’s bringing money back from where he sends the goods. Something like that and the cops are onto her as well as customs the customs guy’s a pain in the bum but the cop’s nice Michael Keaton not looking like Batman at all.

And there’s a bail bondsman Robert Forster who Sam’s also dealing with because his associates keep getting into trouble a bail bondsman organizes things when people need to be bailed out of prison, see? He gets to know Jackie and you can tell he’s falling for her cos he leaves this long message on her answering machine with his phone number and his pager number and all sorts.

Sam and Jackie cook up this scheme where they’re going to switch a bag containing lots of money for one that just contains paper and their doing this at a big mall. It’s complicated but it doesn’t really matter because the characters are more interesting than the plot there’s also Robert De Niro as this friend of Sam’s whose just got out of prison and he’s a bit slow you wouldn’t know it’s De Niro at first he’s so quiet and doesn’t steal the show at all.

He doinks Sam’s girlfriend Bridget Fonda whose an airhead and Sam doesn’t really mind cos he’s got a few women around the place. There’s a great bit where the phone goes and Sam expects her to answer it so she does in the end but just picks it up and immediately goes “It’s for you”. She really pushes her luck that girl.

In the end Jackie asks Forster to go away with her but then she says “Are you scared of me?” and he goes “A little bit”. She likes him because he’s a good steady guy and she hasn’t got lot of that in her life it’s hard to imagine them together though especially in bed she’d shag him to death.

As I say it’s complicated but as usual though it’s not the details I’m interested it’s the relationships and characters and what they say (dialogue, that’s called) that’s what Tarantino is best at. Especially the black gangsta talk where they’re allowed to call each other nigga but nobody else is.



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