Kaycee’s Klasic Films – The Long Good Friday

That's right, hawkeye, it's badly written, spelled and punctuated. It's how a lot of people write these days. And it's a spoof.

Long Good Friday

Yes old as the hills again but what can I say it’s a classic and that’s what the title of the series says Klasic I’m not sure if that’s the right speling but who cares. And what is a classic well its not something that came out last week probably I don’t know how most 13 year olds find enough music to put on their iPods because they haven’t listened to that much in their life never mind really good stuff.

TLGF looks dated now because its from the 70s so its all long hair and funny suits. What I really like about it is Helen Mirren she’s the classiest British actress of her time and when I first saw this I wanted to be her. Not necessary with a little bad tempered bloke like Bob Hoskins as Harold Shand a gangster but imagine someone with his money and power but looking like I don’t know Pierce Brosnan. He’s in it funny enough Brosnan in a small part as an IRA guy nasty piece of work who stabs one of Bob’s guys in a swimming pool he’s gay and Pierce pretends to be gay to get close to him and then knifes him not very nice is it?

See Bob’s gang has been running the London underworld and he’s about to do a deal with an American gangster something to do with the docklands which were disused at the time before they all got done up posh. And as soon as the Yank turns up Bob’s people start getting killed and there’s bombs in restaurants and cars and he doesn’t know who’s doing it. “Who’s having a go at me?” he goes and the American’s not impressed.

Helen is his girlfriend a posh classy bird who gives glamour to his operation I guess. And one of his closest friends fancies her too well every man in England fancied her at that time and probably still would now my Dad thinks she’s the sexiest thing since sliced bread not that that’s sexy but you no what I mean.

Helen 2
All together now, guys: “Phwoaarrr! I would! Not many!” In your dreams, gentlemen, in your dreams.

Lots of people you recognize in it too if you watched British TV then there’s Charlie from Casualty he’s filled out a bit haven’t we all and Denzil the black guy from Only Fools and Horses he gets his buttocks slashed by a minder called Razors that’s not nice either is it but really it’s not that scary film.

So you gradually realize it’s the IRA that’s doing all the bad stuff because I suppose they want to be the ones that profit out of the docklands I don’t know that’s just my interpration and nothing really gets sorted out you just get the feeling it’s not going to be the piece of cake Bob thought it would.

Sometimes films do that they just leave you hanging somewhere and nothing is decided but its all about giving you an enjoyable time for 90 minutes or two hours or whatever and this one just keeps on rocking all the way through.

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