Bloke in the Kitchen. Kidneys with red peppers and rice


Taking the mystery and fear out of cooking

kidneys 2
Deep red-brown – just right

Yes, we’re on the offal this week, and lambs’ or pigs’ kidneys are tasty, or can be if you cook them right.

What we’re going to do here is, as always, dead simple. The only slightly tricky part is the preparation, because although kidneys are smooth and glossy on the outside, they have this bit of tough tissue in the middle that is not easy to extract. But it’s not rocket science either, so here we go.


Lambs’ or pigs’ kidneys

Red pepper (long and thin if possible)



Stock cube

kidneys 3
Scalpel! Actually, one of those might help

PREPARATION (5 minutes)

Get the sharpest knife you have, and if you don’t have a sharp one, either buy or borrow one – or sharpen your favourite one. Cut down the sides of the gristle while trying not to waste any of the meat. You want nice solid chunks. Do it as best you can, that’s all I can say. It’s fiddly and takes a few minutes but it won’t kill you. You have to get this stuff out, because it’s no fun to chew.

Chop some onions and a long, thin red pepper (not a hot one). You can use bell peppers, but the thin ones can be cut into little rings, which both look good and are easy to pick up with a fork.

METHOD (cooking time 20 minutes maximum)

Put the rice on, because this isn’t going to take long.

Fry some onions and when they’re a bit brown, put in the kidneys. Add the peppers. When it’s all cooking down into savoury seduction, splosh in some red wine to liberate the tasty stuff from the pan and add its own warm flavor. Then half a cup of water and half a chicken stock cube (more or less, depending on how many people you’re cooking for, of course)

And that, believe it or not, is that. Don’t overcook it.

It’s savoury, quite light and the kidneys should be tender. Ladle it over the rice and there you go.

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