Bloke in the Kitchen. Fish with potato wedges


Taking the mystery and fear out of cooking

Lovely jubbly. Cook them for ten minutes and you’re in business

This is one of those recipes that is so simple and obvious that I can hardly believe I’m doing it.

I almost never eat fish in restaurants. Everything else just seems more interesting and tasty. But at home now and then, particularly with children or weight-conscious people to feed (including yourself) a nice piece of fish and some vegetables ticks all the boxes.

Supermarkets are full of breaded this and battered that, but you can also buy frozen (or even fresh) fillets, and cooking them is simplicity itself. For this recipe, for the UK we’re going to use plaice, which has the advantage that the fillets have no bones (because its spine is relatively solid and is easily removed, so you don’t get the stray ones that pop up with other fish). You could just as well use cod or haddock, and skate is a great option from a bones point of view because they are even thicker than plaice and you can just scrape the flesh off them on the plate. Those in the US and elsewhere could use tilapia; any fish that comes in wide, fairly thin fillets will do.


Plaice fillets


Peas or a salad of tomatoes and cucumber

Preparation time – 1 min

Cooking time – 10 mins


Scrub a few potatoes clean and stick them in the microwave for three minutes.

Make sure the fish is dry, then sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Grill or fry the fillets (in just enough oil to lubricate the pan) for five minutes on each side. (That’s grilling in an oven grill, by the way. If you’re using a barbecue you’ll have to take measures to make sure the fillets don’t get stuck or fall apart).

While that is happening, cut the nuked potatoes into wedges , sprinkle them with rosemary, salt and pepper, then fry them in a little oil until they go golden. They are already cooked, so you’re just giving them that tasty edge.

Boil the peas, strain and add a little butter.


Wash the tomatoes and cucumber, cut the tomatoes into wedges and slice the cucumber, splash on some olive oil and not too much balsamic vinegar. Mix it up with your hands.

Different fish, slightly chunkier, same principle. Quick, easy, tasty

Give people a wedge of lemon to squeeze on the fish if you like.

Finished. Tasty, light, low in calories and very little fat. Have another glass of Verdicchio (or sparkling water, non-drinkers).




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