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annie hall

I watched a documentary about Woody Allen last night it was really interesting and you might be surprised to know I like some of his stuff so it was good to find out more about it. All through the documentary he was saying that people kept telling him they liked his early stuff which was funny rather than the serious ones he’s directed a wide variety of things now and you never know what you’re going to get.

To be honest even some of the early funny stuff can be a bit interlectual Love and Death for instance you think you’re watching a Russian film and you’re surprised you can even understand what they’re saying and it’s a bit of a puzzle until you get to the bit where he’s eyeing up this girl and it starts all prim and proper as they glance at each other and then he lets his tongue hang out like a dog and you realize he’s having a laugh and he’s just like you and me. He’s not, though. He’s a funny little guy and if you took him down the pub to meet your mates they’d crucify him. He’d probably make them laugh in the end, though, cos he can’t help himself he used to be a stand-up comedian doing that nervous bit he does.

That’s his character and he did it best in Annie Hall very insecure and intense the trouble is in some of his later films he doesn’t appear in them himself and he has other actors doing the lines when you can tell he’d of done them a lot better himself but he’s getting quite old now so I suppose he’s got enough on his plate doing the directing.

Annie Hall, yes, that’s my favourite lots of funny lines and it’s got Diane Keaton acting with him they had a thing for a while and you can tell they thought each other was the best thing since sliced bread she can hardly keep a straight face half the time she thinks he’s so funny. That scene with the lobsters they must have thought about stopping and doing it again when she calmed down she’s laughing so much but it works because she could of been laughing because it’s in the script if you know what I mean. I’ve seen her in a few things not by Woody since then and she’s nowhere near as good.

So there you have it as they say the best Woody Allen films have to have him as the lead actor and her as the actress so that means Annie Hall is the best easily because it’s very funny but also has a bit of a love story going. A lot of people will tell you Manhattan is a better film I went out with a guy once a student doing art or something and he used to say that but I don’t know it just doesn’t make you laugh as much and really if your watching one of his films it’s because you expect it to be hilarious.


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