Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Spaghetti Westerns


You know you can watch one of these and you’re not sure which one it is because Clint Eastwood’s in it being as cool as a cucumber even though he’s been on his horse for 10 days and must smell horrible.

He rides into town and has his way with some woman – doesn’t really matter who because he’s not going to come back for seconds anyway its often quite rough the sex in these things. You don’t actually see much but it’s dodgy circumstances they’re often reluctant and rape wasn’t taken serious in the 60s and 70s like it is now so if you’re going to watch these you have to realize it’s from another time there was racism and sexism in them days like you wouldn’t believe now.

Anyways there is Clint being cool but a good guy as only he can and Lee Van Cleef being cool but a bad guy and the funny little loser what’s his name Eli Wallach. Like I said sometimes you can’t tell one film from the other but you still enjoy it it’s the atmosphere they create you just want to be there because you know Clint would look after you he’s upstairs with his gun in pieces cleaning it and the bad guy comes in the door downstairs and you think he’ll never get it back together in time but of course he does because it’s a film.

But you wouldn’t like it really no future especially for a woman they’re all either housewives or teachers or prostitutes nobody works on the perfume counter like I do because there are no department stores in little one-horse towns called Tombstone and stuff like that.

Lots of open country but there’s always a gunman shooting somebody or a lynch mob stringing somebody up from a tree.

I wonder if that’s what made westerns so popular because in the 1950s they made millions of them but if that’s true why did they stop being so popular you don’t see hardly any nowadays?

These films are called Spaghetti Westerns because they were directed by Italians like Sergio Leone it’s funny to think that happened because you think of cowboy films as American because they’re all set in America but I suppose there’s nothing to stop an Italian from doing it even though they didn’t have that sort of lifestyle if that’s what you call it.

Their all good escapist entertainment I know I’ve swallowed a dixtionary today I’m getting all fancy with my words but I’m still me really and I do love watching one of these on a Sunday afternoon preferably with my boyfriend (if I’ve got one at the time you never know but there’s plenty of fish in the sea I always say even if most of them are no good). I’ll make us a cup of tea and get a few slices of fruit cake and we might even get fruity are selves with a bit of luck and you get crumbs everywhere but its worth it and if the film’s on DVD you can watch the bits you missed but you’ve seen it three times already so.

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