Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Fargo

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews
Please note: this is a humorous blog, and these reviews are not meant to be taken seriously. The fictitious Siobhan (KayCee) didn't have much of an education but she's passionate about films


I don’t like absolutely everything the Coen brothers have ever done but when they get it right they really do and that’s the case in this one.

It stars Frances McDormand whose married to one of the brothers and that must make it difficult every time there’s a good role for a woman he probably thinks he’d better ask her to do it or she’ll be annoyed even if its not really up her street. In this case she’s perfect for the roll because she plays a cop (quite a senior one and she was old enough to do that) in this cold part of northern America with snow all over the place and she’s investigating a shooting.

What’s happened is two crooks are paid by this car salesman to kidnap his wife(!) so he can get her rich father to pay the ransom and they will all get rich. Of course they double cross him one of them is Steve Buscemi who you may know as Mr Pink from Reservoir Dogs and he’s quite chatty but the other one a big blond Norwegian-looking bloke is very quiet but he’s a lot nastier than Steve. The salesman is William H. Macy and he’s pretty funny.

Anyways Marjie (Frances) is trying to combine this job with giving encouragement to her husband who has entered some art to be put on a stamp they don’t seem to have kids so their very close and pally like couples are when they don’t have children.

It’s cold cold cold and these two bad guys shoot a cop and find themselves a couple of local girls dead common they are and there’s this funny sex scene and later one of the girls tells Frances (Marjie) that one of the guys was sort of funny looking she’s funny looking if you ask me but that’s just appearances and they don’t count do they?

It’s all as moody as hell with no eyecatching soundtrack but it’s quite funny and the Coens do like to be funny. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when a human body is forced through a wood chipping machine in a snowy back yard just watch this and you’ll find out it doesn’t look so bad just a load of red snow but it’s probably worse in real life even the smell must be weird.

Its difficult with a film like this to tell if the director just means it to be funny or if he’s trying to tell you something and make you think. You could see it as a comedy or a sort of adventure film or even just showing a woman doing a dirty job kind of thing. Whatever sometimes you don’t have to analyse things too deep and just enjoy it if it’s enjoyable which it is so job done I say.



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