Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews

(It  pains me to have to point this out, but it’s a spoof – the bad grammar etc .is deliberate)


If you’ve never seen this and didn’t even when you were a kid you have to see it now right because its brilliant. It is so funny you don’t have to be a teenager nobody is that far ahead that they couldn’t get into this.

It’s about this guy Ferris (Mathew Broderick) whose very charismatic and gets away with everything he decides to take a day off school and asks his friend Cameron to do it too. Plus he’s already seems to have asked his girlfriend Sloane Peterson to join them and they go into town and have lunch.

Cameron dosen’t want to do it because he’s not as slick and confident as Ferris but Ferris persuades him in the end and they both pretend to have the flu. They need a car so Ferris wants to take Cameron’s Dad’s priceless Ferrari but Cameron’s scared but Ferris persuades him again. Meanwhile Sloane has gone to school but the secretary gets a fake phone call saying her grandma’s died and Ferris goes to pick her up in disguise. That’s the funniest part of the film for me the nurse comes into the classroom and Sloane starts putting her jacket on even before she is told the news.

The headmaster is a bit of an idiot and he hates Ferris but he is outsmarted and they go into town the boys and Sloane that is and Ferris pretends to be a businessman who makes sausages and his name is on the booking list for lunch at a posh restaurant.

He joins in with a street party and sings a song and they have a great time but the car hadn’t done many miles and Cameron knows his dad will notice but Ferris says all they have to do is drive it backwards and the clock will turn back of course it dosen’t work and then Cameron comes over all rebellious and smashes the car up his dad’s going to kill him.

Nice car if your into that the guys like Ferraris don’t they

Ferris has to get home before his parents do because he’s supposed to be ill in bed but his folks are quite nice actually it’s just his sister Jeannie who is jealous of him.

There’s a lot more to it but basically it’s just really funny and eventually Jeannie gets off with Charlie Sheen whose a no good druggie in a leather jacket but at least he cheers the girl up. You don’t know if Ferris is going to marry Sloane or not in real life it would never work cos he’s too adventurous I think but their crazy about each other so who knows. Anyways it’s only a film but really good fun.





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