Dear Whoever – Mysterious plane crashes

I’m praying to you but I don’t know who you are. My grandparents used to pray to God, but now lots of people say there is no such person and anyone who’s religious is just imagining it. And other people say there is, but not the one that Christians call God, the one who had a son called Jesus. They have other names for their god. Whatever, this is what’s on my mind this week.

plane crash

Mysterious plane crashes. There was another one this week when a Russian plane crashed in Egypt and everyone on board was killed.

Why does this keep happening? Planes crash for no apparent reason and others disappear, never to be seen again. You didn’t hear about it so much a few years ago, so presumably it didn’t happen so much.

And nobody ever seems to come up with a simple explanation. It makes you wonder. I am told that statistically air travel is safer than many other things. People will tell you you’re more likely to get run over by a bus, and they think that’s a clever thing to say.

Well it doesn’t fill me with confidence, because it’s just a version of the whole parents-comforting-children thing, which is very nice but I’m beginning to doubt it. Whatever you’re worried about, your parents will tell you it’s going to be okay, but how do they know? They can’t guarantee anything.

Many people pray about that sort of thing, too. They ask their god to make this or that happen or prevent something. I do it with you, don’t I? And it makes me feel better. And nothing really bad has ever happened to me. But ministers die horrible deaths. Jews are very vocal about religion, but look what Hitler did to them in the Second World War.

I tell you, Whoever, sometimes I think the atheists are right, and we’re on our own down here. I don’t want to think that, and I keep bobbing back up to the surface when I feel I’m sinking, but it’s not easy.


There are so many different interpretations of the Bible and probably the Qu’ran and other books too.

Some people think we are getting close to the time when Jesus will come back to the world and sort everything out. Well I hope he does, because we’re certainly making a mess of things here and it feels like it’s getting out of control.

If there is a god who is devoted to doing good, is there also really a devil determined to poop everything up?

Well, I’m sticking with you, Whoever, because you’re the best chance I’ve got. But it’s difficult to convince other people. So please keep your arms around me and see me through this troubled period on earth. I personally don’t wish anything bad on anyone, so if everyone takes the same attitude, we should be okay, shouldn’t we?


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