Kaycee’s Klasic Films – Almost Famous

Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s classic film reviews


This film is all about a very young guy who wants to be a rock journalist and gets his chance with Rolling Stone magazine which is real and one of the most famous music magazines in the world. It stars Patrick Fugit as William Miller the journalist Billy Crudup as the singer in the band William goes on tour with and some other quite tasty guys as the rest of the band. And there’s Kate Hudson as this groupie Penny Lane.

As I said William is really young he’s a virgin actually and you would think he’d be more interested in trying to get his end away for the first time than writing about this band Stillwater hence the name but he’s really obsessed with becoming a writer which is admiral I suppose. You can tell he’s interested in Penny and her sexy groupie mates but there all into the older guys what is it with boys don’t they understand they have to wait there turn. You wouldn’t of caught me with a teenage boy when I was that age you want someone with a bit of experience don’t you but I suppose you can’t blame them for trying.

The thing is, Penny is being frigged about by the singer he only wants her for one thing and you get the feeling when she’s not there he’d shag anything that moved. So you kind of keep hoping she and William will get it on if he grows up in a hurry but he’s such a clean living lad you also secretly know it’s not going to happen.

It was written and directed by Cameron Crowe who also directed Jerry Maguire another of my favourites that’s why I went to see this in the first place as it happens. And Cameron was a young journalist who did exactly the kind of thing William does but you don’t know how much is the truth and how much is wishful thinking.

Their’s also this sob plot about William’s sister Zooey Deschanel whose a few years older and has really good taste in music only her Mum Frances McDormand doesn’t like the fact that she’s growing up so fast and is a bit of a killjoy on the quiet she even phones William when he’s on the tour and embarrasses him in front of everybody. So Zooey leaves home.

The musics okay I suppose if you like that kind of 70s rock its not my cup of tea but each to there own right? This Stillwater band are doing lots of drugs which was ryffe if that’s the word at the time and they get suspicious of William and only want him to write nice things about them but he wants to tell the real story.

And in the end guess what they respect each other that’s what usually happens in these things I suppose they think thats what people want. Life ain’t like that really though is it sometimes you fall out with somebody and you stay fell out with them till your dying day not that I would know as I’m still alive but you know what I mean.



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