Siobhan Kennedy-Clarke’s klasic films: Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire

I really like him that Tom Cruise. He makes my knees go trembly. And he’s only short while I’m quite tall for a girl so a knee-trembler might suit him. Sorry what am I like?

It’s quite a complercated story mind based on some sort of sport that they call football only it’s not because they don’t kick the ball along the ground and Wayne Rooney’s not in it.

It’s got that Renee Zellweger in it too you know the one that had a facelift and doesn’t look like herself no more. It just goes to show don’t it? What was the serjin thinking? He must of been drunk.

I’d never go to an alkerholic plastic serjin myself personally. And anyway why bother it’s only superfishal and if her bf really loved her he wouldn’t care and wouldn’t of made her do it. U don’t look at the manterlpeace when ur stoking the fire my dad said and he should know he’s been married three times. I don’t understand the expreshun mind cos it’s before my time I’m an 80s girl.

Jerry Maguire come out when I was a teenager and I seen it once down the cinema remember them big barns and it’s all dark inside. Sitting there with a bag of cheesy Wotsits and Kelvin’s hand down me drawers. No wonder I liked the film eh?

Ah those were the days. I’m a romantic that’s why I loved the film and she says You had me at hello which wasn’t true he had her earlier in the film and he never touched her at that point there was other people in the room.

I’d never do it with other people there it’s creepy but maybe if it was Tom Cruise and it was some of his mates and my mates and we’d been on the razz then I might of forgot I was a lady and that.

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