Bloke in the Kitchen. Avocado starter



Avocado with Worcestershire sauce (as a starter)


The easiest, quickest starter in the world. And it’s tasty. And almost everyone likes it.

The only thing with avocados is that you can’t bank on them being available in the right condition. So don’t announce you’re doing an avocado dish unless you actually have as many as you need in your kitchen, perfect and ready to roll.

If you announce it in advance, you’ll be chasing around every supermarket and corner shop in the area, swearing at rock hard ones and cursing the blackening, rotting ones.

The right condition is: starting to go soft. They need to give a bit when you give them a slight squeeze, and not spring back. If they spring back, they will probably be okay in a couple of days, but they’re no good right now. They will be tough and bitter.

If it looks like this and is slightly squidgy, you’re in business

Once you have one or two in the right condition, this is all you do:



Worcestershire sauce


Cut the avocado(s) in half (lengthwise)

Whack the stone with a sharp knife so the blade grips it. Then wiggle the stone out.

Mash the flesh up in the skin with a fork

Sprinkle on some Worcestershire sauce.

Serve with a teaspoon and a serviette/piece of kitchen paper

That’s it. THE END


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