The Beach at Lido

Twice last week, we’ve traveled to Lido to go to the beach.  Lido is a Venetian island located south east of the main island group.  Getting there and back was definitely an experience as I’m not used to the Italian way of behaving on crowded public transportation.  People are smushed in like sardines (Have you seen videos of people getting pushed into crowded Tokyo trains?  I felt like that.), and they don’t say “Mi scusi” at all, even when they force their way past you.  Oh well, I’ll either deal with it or find non-peak hours to travel…  And now, the fun stuff!

The ferrovia (water bus station) at Lido, Venice

Here’s the ferrovia (water bus station) at Lido!

You probably know Lido, even if not by name.  There’s this little thing called the Venice Film Festival, and it takes place on Lido at the end of August.  Perhaps I’ll have to do some celebrity stalking when the time is nigh…

Beach at Lido, Venice, Italy.  Excelsior hotel

Here’s the private beach in Lido. The pinkish building on the left is the Excelsior Hotel.  This pic also shows the cabanas.

The island is quiet (compared to the main islands) and lush with flora (unlike the main islands).  The family has friends that have a cabana right on a gorgeous beach next to the famous Excelsior Hotel, where all the celebs stay during the Film Festival.  We first went to a public beach down the street, which wasn’t very crowded, and then headed over to the private beach with the cabana.  What a great idea!  The cabanas are locked, so you can store your things there, and you also get some beach furniture.  Luckily for us, the cabana is right on the water, so we only had to run (the sand felt like it was turning to glass) a short distance to reach the water.  Wow, the water was great!  It was warm, relatively seaweed free, and didn’t have many animals (except for the occasional medusa, or jellyfish.  A couple of people in our party got stung, but I didn’t get to pee on them…  It might have been awkward to offer…).

Private beach at Lido, Venice

Here’s another picture of the private beach at Lido.

Unfortunately for this pale lady, I had to wear a t-shirt the entire second day because I scorched my back.  It still hurt 5 days later!  Regardless of my disability, I put on a brave face, rubbed lotion all over tender skin, and made the best of it.  We spent the day relaxing, swimming, and hunting for crabs on the sea wall with the kids.  Now I just have to worry about the wind blowing too hard, or all of my skin will fall off!

Boat ride from Lido, Venice, to Padova.

Living the life of luxury! Riding the boat from Lido to Padova.

In the late afternoon, the mother’s parents came to take us from Venice to Padova, where the family’s full-time residence is located.  Padova is very close and is about a 30-minute car drive.  It took us about an hour to get from Lido to Padova because WE WENT BY PRIVATE BOAT.  What a gorgeous opportunity!  As we rode past the iconic views of Venice, like Saint Mark’s Square and the Rialto (of course I didn’t get a picture of these things…), I kept thinking to myself, “What a life!”  It was so pleasant, and I wish my pictures could do the scenery a service, but I know they won’t.

A view from the water.  Lido to Padova, Italy.

A view from the water!

The view from the water in Venice, Italy.

Another sight to be seen!

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  1. Auntie Sher says:

    Love all the pics and your blogs, hon. How are the boys, and how are the parents treating you. They seem to be well off, I dare say! How do you like your apartment? I was in the Blue Ridge Mtns of GA last weekend. Gorgeous. Will send you some pictures of the deer that live in the Mts behind my friends home. They come into the yard, look in the windows, and we feed them bread. Love u, Aunty Sher

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